Be Receptive

Webster’s Dictionary defines “receptive” as the following:

re•cep•tive: adj able or inclined to receive, especially: open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions

Last night in a particularly chaotic Bikram Yoga class, I was struggling to block out my surroundings and focus on my practice.  Often, it helps me to find one thought to meditate on throughout the class and about halfway through, the teacher gave an instruction to “be receptive”.  I liked it.  It stuck with me.

Lately I have been struggling to be consistent with my diet and fitness.  I have been living and dying by the scale, day after day, allowing my mood and confidence to be determied by a number, allowing myself to be discouraged when I don’t see immediate progress.  While half of my brain is logical and knows that consistency will pay off in the long run, seeing the scale move up a pound or two kind of makes me want to eat pizza.

But if I were being receptive I would know that on days that I workout in the morning I am happier.  That running makes me more flexible for Bikram and that doing Bikram gives me more balance for running.  That when I sleep less I need less sleep.   That my skin is clearer and my mind is clearer.  That my sleep is deeper.  If I were being receptive, I would allow myself to feel strong, to appreciate my body, to find peace in my mind. 

I think that to me, being receptive means being “open and responsive” to the positive during my journey.  I am going to focus on being receptive.  Looking forward to the positive…