Quick Wednesday Update

This morning’s workout:  Legs

    Exercise Reps Sets
1 1A Lunges 10 4
1B Lunge Jumps 6 4
1C Captain’s Chair 10 4
2 2A Squats 10 3
2B Squat Jumps 15 3
2C Plank Hold 55 sec 3
2D Reverse Crunch 15 3
3 3A Seated Leg Curl 10 4
3B Seated Calf Raise 15 4
3C Bench V-Ups 15 4
4 4A Hamstring Raise 10 3
4B Squat Jumps 15 3
4C Weighted Ball Crunch 10 3

I didn’t have time for cardio but I certainly didn’t need it.  I like incorporating some cardio movement into my supersets and I hadn’t done it for a while.  Purgatory Boot Camp on Sunday reminded me how much doing jumping body weight movements can raise my heart rate.

Tonight I am going to Psyco Therapy at Cherry Lane Theatre in the west village.


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