Thursday Things

1.  I was dragging again this morning.  I stopped at Starbucks on my way into the office to get a coffee.  Lately I have been enjoying the blonde roast and while I should have ordered a larger size, a “grande blonde” did not sound as appealing as a “tall blonde”.  I didn’t have nearly enough coffee to start my day.

2. Speaking of coffee, there is a cart on my corner where I have been purchasing my morning joe on the way to workout in the morning.  I don’t know if there is some magical cart coffee recipe or it is just so early in the morning, but it tastes spectacular.  And it is only $1!

3. My new favorite breakfast food is Brown Rice Farina.  It is cereal made from milled brown rice and takes only 5 minutes to cook.  It is creamy and delicious and extremely filling.  I have been eating it with sunflower seed butter and cinnamon.

Creamy Brown Rice Farina 

4. Remember when I was looking for ways to get my week off to a better start?  Well maybe I should consider a new soundtrack.  I love 80’s music and just reading this list of songs makes me happy.  I am adding this to my list of things to do for the weekend. 

5. The NYC marathon lottery drawing yesterday got me thinking about racing again.  Now I need to find some good races in the city.

6. And since I am going to be doing all of these races… I am going to need some new running shoes 🙂  I am considering trying out Mizunos:

Mizuno Women's Wave Musha 4 picture Aren’t they pretty?

7. Also… I’ll probably need to start training.  That is likely going to be important.  While I do think that lifting, spinning, Bikram, and other forms of cardio are important in developing speed, strength and endurance, nothing can really replace outdoor running.

8. I really want to make it to Brooklyn to get a coffee at Red Lantern.  Unfortunately, I might have missed the boat since the Times just did a piece on them which means it will be packed this weekend.  But how can I not try the multiple homemade nut milks that are served at the coffee bar?

9. I might think about coffee too much (see #1, #2, and #8)

10. Happy almost Friday!


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